Monday, May 18, 2009


Keyholes are a part of life as with the keys that are inserted into them.
Tim Holtz states on his keyhole embellishments:

keyholes ('ke-holz) tiny openings in which keys are inserted to gain access to a desirable place or state of mind.

How many times have we picked a lock? Countless. Each lock has a personality all it's own so you have to really get to KNOW the lock in which you are to gain access. A stubborn lock will attempt to keep us out, but most will open up within a few minutes. For 20 years, locksmithing was a full time job: 24/7. Van mostly locksmiths now with me as a helper on the weekends.

As an artist, I am fascinated by locks & keys found at flea markets, estate sales, etc. The old skeleton keys are the hardest to find for a decent price. While obtaining my degree in Graphic Design, 90% of my artwork reflected locks & keys. A 5' x 3' canvas piece hands in our spare bedroom. It's covered with safe diagrams and keys of all sizes (large jailer keys included). It's still a work in progress as it does not completely please me yet.
Pick on!

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